Community Class: Effective Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

01 - 17Oct2017
  • 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM


This course helps participants acquire skills that are necessary for success in a challenging business landscape. It provides attendees with tips on presenting effectively, appropriately and clearly in all situations at work. This course is delivered in English by Mr. Ibrahim Badreddeen.


Upon the completion of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Define the goals for effective presentations and public speaking 
  • Develop skills to engage with and learn more about the audience


Session 1: Fundamentals of Presentation and Public Speaking 

  • What makes a powerful speech or presentation? 
  • Presentation types 
  • Key factors in audience behavior 
  • Define your purpose and message for the speech 
  • Choose your style 
  • Structure the information flow 
  • Exercise 

Session 2: Presentation Essentials 

  • Beginning your presentation 
  • The body of the presentation 
  • Concluding your session 
  • Exercise 

Session 3: Powerful Presentation Techniques 

  • Verbal communication skills 
    Listening and hearing: They aren’t the same thing
    Asking questions 
    Communicating with power 
  • Non-verbal communication skills 
  • Body language 

Session 4: Engaging Your Audience in a PPT and a Speech 

  • Using humor 
  • Story-telling 
  • Effective questioning 
  • Using aids 
  • Required tools 
  • The advantages of pre-writing 
  • Using colors appropriately 
  • Creating a Plan B 

Session 5: Cultivating Confidence for Public Speaking 

  • Harnessing nerves 
  • Dealing with difficult audience members 
  • When things go wrong 
  • Dealing with questions 
  • Make them laugh a little 
  • Encouraging discussion 


Registration fees are QAR 1,000. Payments are accepted via card only, and must be made within three days of registration. Refunds cannot be issued upon cancellation.


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