HBKU to Host International Colloquium on Arbitration in the Middle East | Hamad Bin Khalifa University

HBKU to Host International Colloquium on Arbitration in the Middle East

25 Oct 2017

Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) College of Law and Public Policy (CLPP) will be hosting a colloquium on arbitration in the Middle East on November 1. Following the introduction of Qatar’s new Arbitration Law of 2017, this colloquium enables scholars, lawyers, and other professionals in the legal community to discuss solutions that establish the country as an international center for arbitration. As a leading global university, HBKU continues to facilitate such events that fulfill its mission of promoting thought leadership, and empowering new knowledge through dialogue in Qatar and beyond.

HBKU to Host International Colloquium on Arbitration in the Middle East

Professor Clinton Francis, founding dean of CLPP, said: “This is part of a regular colloquium series which reinforces the application of local, regional and international best practices, and ensures that the Juris Doctor program is responsive to Qatar’s needs in serving learning and thought leadership objectives for students, professionals, executives and ministries. Arbitration, which is the topic of the current colloquium, is a crucial subject, as countries within the region and globally are increasingly relying on this mechanism as a primary method for resolving disputes when it comes to international trade. The field of arbitration is expected to continue seeing record levels of growth as countries around the world experience economic prosperity driven by cross-border investments.”

Panel members and participants at the colloquium will explore the in-depth history, present state, and future of arbitration in the Middle East with a special emphasis on Qatar and its role in the region. They will address the benefits and challenges of legal frameworks established in the Arab world that were adapted to suit local needs from other countries, such as the UNCITRAL Model Law, along with topics including the enforcement of outcomes resulting from arbitration. 

The keynote address at the colloquium will be delivered by Sheikh Thani bin Ali Al Thani, Chairman of the Qatar International Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration. Among the speakers will be invitees from the Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre, Sultan Al-Abdulla & Partners, as well as HBKU.