Community Class : How to Train Yourself (Ladies only) | Hamad Bin Khalifa University


Community Class : How to Train Yourself (Ladies only)

06 - 22Feb2017
  • 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
  • Education City Student Center

Course Outcomes:

You'll learn how to increase your metabolism even when you're not working out and how to make your fat loss automatic.

  • You'll discover how to lose fat in a sustainable way by making small lifestyle changes.
  • You'll stop getting frustrated once you find out how you can overcome and avoid unnecessary fat-loss plateaus.
  • You'll be able to gain muscle and achieve a toned body when you learn 3 crucial workout routines.
  • You'll save time as you effectively burn fat using only a few key exercises instead of doing the excessive cardio workouts that you see on DVD's

Course Structure:

Section 1: Hack Your Mind

Lecture1:Smart Goals: Planning Ahead (Preview enabled)

Lecture2:How To Change Your Behavior: Knowing Where to Start

Lecture3:Finding the Motivation

Quiz1:Hack Your Mind

Section 2 : Back to the Basics

Lecture4:Posture: The Difference Between Class & Crass (Preview enabled)

Lecture5:Build A Good Base: Don't Get Injured

Lecture6:Learn About Yourself: What Do You Like

Quiz2:Back to the Basics

Section 3 : How to Eat: 70% Diet 30% Workout

Lecture7:How Much Should You Be Eating?

Lecture8:The Truth About Fat & Carbs

Lecture9:Addiction: How to Stop Craving Junk Food (Preview enabled)

Lecture10:Achieving Mental Clarity & High Energy: Fuel Yourself With Food

Lecture11:What to Eat When Traveling

Quiz3:How to Eat

Section 4 : 30 Minute Home Workouts

 Lecture12:Cardio: Reveal Your Abs

 Lecture13:Resistance Training: How to Avoid Being Skinny Fat

 Lecture14:Mind-Body Exercise: How to Relax After a Long Day

 Quiz4:30-Minute Home Workouts

Section 5 : Measuring Progress: Boost Yourself

Lecture15:Body Fat % And BMI

 Lecture16:The Main Measurements

 Lecture17:How Often Should You Measure Progress?

 Lecture18:Progress in Training: How to Avoid Plateaus

 Quiz5:Measuring Progress

Section 6 : Your Own Personal Assistants: Free Resources

 Lecture19:My Fitness Pal: Your Virtual Diary & Best Friend

 Lecture20:Fit Notes: Keeping Track of Your Progress

 Lecture21:10K Trainer: Making Jogging Fun

About Instructor :

 Dana Habayeb holds an MS in Public Health and Health Systems and a joint BS in Health Sciences and Psychology from the University of Waterloo. She has conducted quantitative and qualitative research in social psychology, cognitive psychology, and the health sciences. In addition, Dana is a certified personal trainer who specializes in teaching clients how to lose fat through proper nutrition and fitness. She focuses on helping her clients understand the psychology and science behind fat loss so that they can achieve the results they want. 

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