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HBKU’s College of Islamic Studies Hosts a Series of Lectures and Seminars

03 Dec 2018

HBKU’s College of Islamic Studies Hosts a Series of Lectures and Seminars

Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) College of Islamic Studies (CIS) is hosting a series of lectures and events to illuminate various topics on Islamic thought and Muslim communities, with the aim of engaging society in open dialogue with reputed academics. 

On Monday, December 10, CIS will be hosting its Circular Economy: Aspirations, Realities and Opportunities lecture. Turning waste into wealth and welfare is the new normal for a growing number of businesses globally. The event will discuss new perspectives on resource management and opportunities for entrepreneurship offered by Qatar National Vision 2030’s approach to support the transformation of linear economies to circular ones – which are compatible with Islamic economy and finance principles.

The lecture will be delivered by Dr. Tariqullah Khan, professor and program coordinator of the newly launched PhD program in Islamic Finance and Economy at CIS. Speaking about the event, Dr. Khan said: “The PhD program in Islamic Finance and Economy is centered on this innovative theme with potential transformative impact within Qatar, the region, and the world.”

CIS’ public lectures tackle a variety of topics in an Islamic context and complement the college’s core course materials, while offering the greater community access to knowledge on themes that are of wide-spanning interest.”

CIS’s public lecture on the Islamic Reformist Efforts in the 5th Century of Hijrah: Al-Ghazali as an Example, held on December 2, shed light on the legacy of islah (Islamic reform) by evaluating the contributions of the Muslim scholar Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali. The lecture was led by Dr. Mohamed Abubakr A. Al-Musleh, assistant dean for academic affairs at the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies at Qatar University. Dr. Al-Musleh, who examined the conflicting portrayal of Al-Ghazali, is the author of Al-Ghazali the Islamic Reformer: An Evaluative Study of the Attempts of Imam al-Ghazali at Islamic Reform.

CIS also organized a seminar as part of the Doha Book Fair 2018 on Islamic Studies in Russia, which explored Russian studies on Islam by both Muslim and non-Muslim scholars. Dr. Farid Asadullin, a leading research fellow at the Institute of Oriental Studies at the Russian Academy of Science, and Professor Vladimir Bobrovnikov from the Department of History at the School of Arts and Humanities at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg, delivered talks during the seminar, highlighting the 1,000-year history of Islam in Russia. 

CIS serves as a hub for contemporary Islamic studies that promote dialogue on ideas concerning Islam. The college offers five graduate degrees at the master’s and PhD levels, and houses several distinguished research centers that bring together scholars and thought leaders from around the world.

HBKU was founded with a mandate to advance scholarly discourse and debate. The University frequently encourages discussions that are of national, regional, and global relevance, and seeks the expertise of academics who are well versed on these subjects.