HBKU’s Translation and Interpreting Institute Offers ULC

HBKU’s Translation and Interpreting Institute Offers Unique Language Courses

16 Apr 2018

HBKU’s Translation and Interpreting Institute Offers Unique Languag

The Translation and Interpreting Institute (TII), part of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), has begun offering community classes in an array of popular foreign languages to children and adults, taking into account different aptitude levels.

Held at TII’s Language Center facilities in Education City courses are open to members of the public. The early summer programs fall into two categories: children, aged five to 12, and adults. “By fostering an environment that is led by experienced instructors, the center truly helps its students to become immersed in the language of their choosing,” notes Paula Carrajana, Portuguese language coordinator at TII. “Learning a new medium of communication is a tool of empowerment for all ages, and I am proud of all the progress we can accomplish with our course participants at TII and with each offering we provide.”

The language courses at TII are produced and executed by experienced instructors, who actively support students with diverse cultural backgrounds, irrespective of their current skill level. All registered students are subject to a round of initial placement tests before being allotted an appropriate language command level. This standard of curricular quality, class environment, and student engagement efforts is reflected in all other language programs, including translation and interpretation.

Both class sets are available in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, and Spanish, with the addition of Italian and Portuguese for adults. For the older group, sessions utilize a blended learning approach, building on traditional textbook learning with audiovisual and multimedia resources as well as structured classroom discussions. 

The courses for children will include weekly sessions. During each two-hour window, children will gain an opportunity to practice the language of their choice through well-structured lessons that integrate diverse activities, such as art and crafts, drama, games, and music. 

The launch of the Summer public courses is the latest in a series of initiatives undertaken by TII to promote a culture of learning and celebrate languages in the broader community. To find out more about what TII has to offer, go to http://tii.qa/language-center and www.tii.qa/kids-courses